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House in black

“House in Black” in the style of a modern barn by architect Maciek Rempalski / modern studio / is not only elegant and subtle architecture visible from the outside, but also hidden modern solutions. Thanks to bold decisions and thanks to the mutual trust of the architect and investor, a modern barn was created. The black and minimalist form of the house emphasizes the natural aesthetic values ​​of wood, and also establishes a dialogue with the surrounding nature.

The idea for the raw, “natural” form of the building is reflected in the finish of the facade covered with Siberian larch boards from the burned wood manufacturer, Wood of Fire. The façade was made entirely of wood fired with the traditional Japanese technique of Shou Sugi Ban. This method consists mainly in the natural black coloring of the boards and the preservation of the wood by firing. The aforementioned process makes the wood more durable and brings out its aesthetic qualities. Initially, the boards preserved with the Shou Sugi Ban technique were used only in the construction of houses. Currently, they are used to finish facades, erect fences, pergolas, decorate walls, build terraces, and arrange garden floors.

The eye-catching panoramic glazing gives a modern character to the barn while opening the building to the garden. Placing tall windows on the sunny, southern side is not only to invite natural light into the interior, but also to give the feeling of unlimited space. Extensive glazing of the living room connects it functionally and visually with the garden, allowing at the same time to increase the direct contact of the building’s users with the surrounding nature.

Obraz zawierający niebo, zewnętrzne, budynek

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There are specific assumptions behind the idea of ​​building this modern barn. One of them is the ability to function in harmony with the environment. In order to coherently manage the entire space, emphasis was also placed on the garden, which ultimately harmonizes perfectly with the body of the building. The garden surrounding the house is minimalist and is an extension of the compositional axis of the building. The functionally organized garden relaxation zone merges with the interior of the house.

The materials used to finish the facade were used while maintaining a consistent style in the arrangement of the space around the house. A full fence made of Wood of Fire boards effectively insulates the property and at the same time delights with its unpretentious charm. Wood gives great opportunities to shape the lines, the degree of clearance and the texture of the fence. A fence made of burned wood  Wood of Fire  is a long-lasting product that does not require periodic maintenance. The advantage of a fence made of burned boards is resistance to weather conditions, as well as an aesthetic appearance pleasing to the eye. All these coherently connected elements create a very interesting whole.


Arch: Maciek Rempalski, Modern Studio Architektury from Opole

Photos. Stanisław Skotnicki