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An idea for a unique and durable wooden facade

A wooden facade made of wood board Wood of Fire boards is an original way to create an extraordinary and durable wooden facade. Appropriate firing of wood in special stoves allows you to bring out the natural structure and increase the wood resistance to external factors even several times compared to ordinary impregnation.

Standard wooden facades require regular care to maintain their natural beauty for years. Due to appropriate and regular impregnation, the wooden facade retains its aesthetics and functionality for as long as possible. The Japanese technique of firing wood known as Shou Sugi Ban or Yakisugi offers additional impregnation, making the boards extremely durable and resistant to moisture, rot and various types of pests. By proper tanning and impregnation of the Wood of Fire plank on four sides, they extend the maintenance time of wood several times and allow you to maintain a beautiful appearance of your facade for years.